Basic support is available free of charge. If you have any questions feel free to contact support via email ( or on Twitter (@SkyhopHQ).

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

If you require certain standards to our quality of service, or wish a certain incident response time, then we have SLA’s available specially for you! Please contact Skyhop support for more information and possibilities.

Note that we have a variety of SLA’s which can be tailored to your needs. Together we will look at your requirements, and how we can work to make sure there is no interruption of service. Topics we will look at:

  • FLARM / ADS-B coverage and stability
  • Internet service stability
  • Requirements for dedicated capacity on the Skyhop platform
  • Number of users to provide support for
  • Custom development services

If you wish to integrate skyhop into an existing product, or you would love to have a certain feature available in skyhop, then our custom development services might be for you. With our expertise and experience we can build a custom feature for you into skyhop, help you import or export certain data (systems integration), or help guide you and your team through the ins and outs of our application.

These services can be provided remotely or on-premise. Please contact skyhop support for possibilities and availability.

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