SkyHop is a platform which is continuously being worked on. This page lays out the future plans for the development of SkyHop. Note that this roadmap is not carved in stone, and it is subject to change. If you feel like a certain feature should have a higher priority or we could help you by implementing certain functionality, please send us a mail at and describe how you would be helped if we implement a certain feature.

Please consider buying a subscription if you like SkyHop. This project relies on subscription revenue for hosting, maintenance and it’s ongoing development efforts, and subscription revenue will help us keep this platform running in the future.

Upcoming Features

This is a list of upcoming features we are planning on implementing. Based on the interest there is in a certain feature we might increase it’s priority or postpone it in favor of another feature. If you would be helped with a certain feature, please let us know!

Fully automatic flight registration

While having a digital logbook is a nice feature, it does not solve the administrative task which comes with having a paper logbook. Our aim is to relieve you from this administrative burden, and automatically collect your flight information on your behalf.

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