Search and Rescue

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In case a glider aircraft goes missing we might be able to help search and rescue operations by providing accurate data about the possible whereabouts of a missing aircraft.

At Skyhop we specifically train with this scenario in mind to be able to help as quickly and efficient as possible and have a script available to help us act accordingly in case our assistance is requested. We might be able to help using our pre-developed tooling for location estimation, as well as custom data analysis services.


Using the skyhop platform we are able to quickly estimate the whereabouts of a certain aircraft. Our workflow for this is as follows:

  1. Determine whether an aircraft is still being tracked by a radar system. If an aircraft is being tracked we do not need to look any further.

  2. Check the last known flight track for any clues to it’s whereabouts. If terrain impact is assumed, the location will be shared with search and rescue services.

  3. If the situation at the last reported position of the aircraft seemed normal we’ll check whether it is possible if the aircraft is in an area which is not covered by any tracking technology.

  4. According to the information available we can plot out certain scenarios, in which we take the (local) weather situation into account, as well as the flight performance of the aircraft, and the flight plan of the pilot(s).

As an additional service we are able to extract a list of aircraft which have been in the vicinity of the missing aircraft and might have gotten additional fixes from said aircraft. We’ll try to contact the owners of these aircraft as soon as possible in order to try to retrieve as much data as possible which might give additional hints about the whereabouts of these aircraft.


In order to ensure smooth operations no costs are associated with our search and rescue services. Skyhop will cover all of the operational costs at our side including staff compensation and the costs incurred with custom data analysis services.

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