Meteorological estimations

To improve accuracy of existing weather forecast models, Skyhop is able to derive certain meteorological properties from airborne glider aircraft. Because glider aircraft rely on local weather conditions in order to fly long distances, they prove to be a valuable source of weather information on locations where regular aircraft are not to be found.


Glider aircraft can be found in locations which are usually evaded by other aircraft due to rough or risky weather situations. Some glider pilots are intimately familiar with rough terrain such as the Alps. Observations from these aircraft provide an unique possibility to derive estimates on the local weather condition close to mountain slopes. Not only is it possible to provide parameter estimates close to slopes, but with the right wave conditions some estimates can be as high as 10 kilometers.


We provide estimates on the following parameters;

  • Horizontal wind speed: 1 - 1.5 m/s accuracy
  • Wind direction: 5° - 10° accuracy
  • Vertical wind speed: (Experimental)
  • Turbulence: (Experimental)

The number of observations vary day by day depending on the weather situation and time of the year. Overall most estimates can be created during summer weekends and/or during holidays.

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