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We recognize that all great software built nowadays is built upon the shoulders of giants. Because we rely on tons of open-software projects we believe it’s no more than reasonable to empower other people with great ideas by releasing some of the projects which we have specifically built for Skyhop.

While some of these projects themselves are heavily inspired on other open-source projects, some of these projects are novel implementations specifically developed for use with Skyhop.

This page lists some of the open source work we do. Check out @skyhop on GitHub for a more expansive list.

Flight Analysis

One of the most important parts of our infrastructure is this project. It is responsible for processing flight data points in a way which results in some useful metadata such as departure and arrival information.

Check it out here:


In order to smoothen the implementation of transactional emails we’ve developed a library which makes it easier to send emails from (C#) code. The most important feature of this library is the separation between the template (how the email looks like) and the model (what information should be in the email). Using the Razor templating engine you can use the full powers of ASP.NET to generate your emails.

Check it out here:


This project is an Docker adaption based on the XCSoar python bindings. It contains a simple web server and enables you to upload an IGC file in order to get a JSON file in return. This JSON file contains flight information such as glide ratios, thermal activity, and some speed/altitude averages in return.

Check it out here:

APRS Server

As we heavily rely on external data to be able to analyze flight performance, it’s important to have a reliable APRS parser, as well as a server client. We use this project ourselves to retrieve our data from Open Glider Net, or OGN in short.

Check it out here:, or pull the Docker container from!

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