The digital logbook

Part of the product we offer at skyhop is a digital logbook. This is an electronic record of the flights you make.

Automatic flight registration

It is possible to automatically maintain your logbook. For this to work your aircraft needs to be equipped with a FLARM device, and a FLARM receiver needs to be installed and in working order nearby. After you have completed your flight you can go to the flight archive within the skyhop app to add your flight to your logbook.

Using your phone for flight registration

In case there is no decent FLARM coverage nearby, or you want to automatically add your flights to your logbook without any human intervention, it's possible to use your phone to keep track of this. By sending your live location to the SkyHop bot on Telegram we'll keep track of your location, and we'll be able to match you with the correct flights.

Manually entering flight information

In case there is no possibility of using FLARM, or your phone, it's always possible to manually enter your flight information in the digital logbook. This can be done from the logbook directly.