There are various plans available for different kinds of users, each with their own features and price points. If you just want to get to know the look and feel of the platform there's a free tier just for you!


Based on your goal skyhop offers several default packages.

  • Free tier
  • Personal subscription
  • Group subscription
  • Airfield subscription
Feature Free tier Personal Subscription Group Package Airfield Package
Flight logging
Flight summary
Live tracking
Weather information
Historic weather information
Aggregated reports
IGC import / export
Telegram integration
Group management
Fleet management
Airspace monitoring
Startlist management
API access
Log retention 3 months No limit No limit No limit
Price free €15/month starting from €150/month * starting from €0.50/flight movement *

* Excludes VAT


For customers planning on subscribing for more than 10 seats per month we offer the option to customize the package. If you wish a customized package, feel free to contact the support team with your requirements and we'll set up a custom plan for you.