About Skyhop

Skyhop is a project built by Corstian Boerman, which he had started working on during the fall in 2016. Over the course of several years he has developed the technology required to realise his vision. While initially meant to become purely a flight analysis solution, focus shifted to become a digital logbook once the administrative burden coming with the conversion to an EASA DTO became apparent.

Corstian has combined his passion for flying gliders with his profession as software developer, and built a product to solve some of the problems found on many airfields, primarily related to the administrative tasks. As such the focus shifted to build a product which could automatically register flights for individual pilots and airfields as well.

In September 2019, Corstian founded Whaally, being the company to continue development on Skyhop, as well as offer consulting and support services for its customers.

Whaally can help you get the most out of Skyhop. For questions regarding custom built functionality, data integration, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or other related consulting work, send an email to and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

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