Corstian Boerman on the 1st of May, 2020

Try the flight analysis demo 😁

Now that I’m finishing the first version of Skyhop, I can slowly release some previews to show where I have been going with Skyhop. Let me introduce you to the flight analysis functionality.

As described in the previous blog post, flight analysis features are one of the two core product which have been implemented in Skyhop, besides the digital logbook. For me the primary goal of these flight analysis features are to gain a detailed insight into your own flight performance and therefore give you an opportunity to improve for the next flight.

three dimensional (3D) map showing the flight path in a glider with some general flight information such as departure and arrival times as well as airfield information in the left

The demo

Thankfully I have had the opportunity to get my check ride done just in time before shutdown due to the corona virus. I even got to fly some light thermals, which have given me some great data to visualize! Check out my checkride over here. Some interesting parts of this flight which I have been looking at is the amount of lift, about which I think it shouldn’t show too many unexpected abnormalities. Ofcourse this depends on the weather situation, but generally this is quite a bad sign. Another parameter I like to review is the amount of kinetic energy. Keep in mind I have not yet compensated the speed (and thus also kinetic energy) for the wind speed, which causes significant deviations in this chart. Check out how far we’re being offset while thermalling to see what the wind did that day.

Do you have feedback?

This is the first time I’m distributing part of Skyhop at this scale, and therefore I’m eager to hear what you think about it! Please let me know about any feedback, either via email (mail me at, or via twitter (@CorstianBoerman or @SkyhopHQ).

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