Corstian Boerman on the 3rd of June, 2020

Introducing the flight archive

Today I’m introducing a new addition to Skyhop with which you can easily retrieve your flight information. This includes the departure and arrival airfields, as well as the flight times for tracked aircraft.

Even though this feature was already available for people with an account, I figured it would be beneficial for everyone involved to make this flight information publicly available, and therefore more accessible. There are several reasons for me to do so, which I will explain later in this post. You can find the flight archive in the menu bar above under ‘Flights’, or you can follow this link.

What does it offer?

I have tried to keep the flight archive as easy as possible. Though it may look like it has only a few features, I think it is capable of fulfilling a wide variety of use cases. If you have different needs than is currently possible, let me know and I will do my best to help you out.

When initially loading the archive you’ll see that the most recent flights are shown. Scrolling down you can load more flights until no more are available. This last one is important in case you wish to export the list either as a xslx file or as a json file. Using the search bar it’s possible to narrow the results down to either an airfield or a specific aircraft.

Please note that the default result list will only include flights from the past month. If you’re looking further past that you will have to manually enter the time period over which you’re searching.


There are multiple reasons for me to make this information publicly available. Since the early stages of this product I have been looking at various tools which already exist and are somewhat familiar to the thing I’m building here. One thing I figured is that flight information is pretty much freely available, and as such I found that it is incredibly difficult to be able to provide any additional meaningful value through basic flight information alone, and decided to look into other directions for adding value, such as a digital flight log, and flight analysis.

Additionally whatever added value there is available, it’s worth is being diminished to zero if it cannot be used.

Although I would love to make flight paths and all other information about flights freely accessible, I cannot do so from the perspective of several other limitations, such as privacy, as well as sustainability of this project. If you like what I’m working on here, please consider registering an account and buying a subscription. It’d be much appreciated!


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