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One of the reasons we're innovating at incredible pace at Skyhop is due to the sheer number of small experiments we're running. Exploration is what drives us every day, and we're sharing some of the more exiting results here on our blog.

Over the last weeks I have been busy improving upon existing functionality, finishing a few new features and laying the foundations for future awesomeness! The highlight for sure is the new feature with which you can now keep track of your exercises. The current version is a proof of concept to see how this works, and is configured to show the exercises as defined in the Flight Crew Licensing requirements for a LAPL(S). Being able to keep track of executed exercises is the first step towards a digital administrative system compliant with the requirements for a EASA DTO (Declared Training Organization).

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I have been on a streak lately as I'm cranking out new features at a speed I've never been able to before. The latest addition to Skyhop involves live flight following, but it's a bit different than you're used to.

Most of you will be familiar with flight following with tools like The new addition on Skyhop is nothing like that. Let me walk you through it, but first more about the reasons it turned out like this;

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The weather center visualising the latest METAR and TAF reports within Skyhop.

Recently I've been working on making weather information a little bit more accessible. Although there always has been a little weather widget on the dasboard, it's now possible to get more relevant information including the Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF), if it's available. Starting today you'll be able to use the new addition to Skyhop with which you can easily check out the current weather situation nearby.

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Today I'm introducing a new addition to Skyhop with which you can easily retrieve your flight information. This includes the departure and arrival airfields, as well as the flight times for tracked aircraft.

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Corstian Boerman on the 21st of May, 2020

Launching Skyhop!

Back in 2016 when I started working on some aviation related software tools I could not imagine I'd be able to ship a product like this one day, but here we are. I'm happy to announce the public availability of what I would call the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of Skyhop! More details in this blog post;

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Now that I'm finishing the first version of Skyhop, I can slowly release some previews to show where I have been going with Skyhop. Let me introduce you to the flight analysis functionality.

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Corstian Boerman on the 28th of April, 2020

Getting ready for departure

It's with great pleasure that I'm working on the finishing touches in order to be able to release Skyhop. It's with this blog post that I'm announcing Skyhop is almost ready to be released. In this post I'll look forward and discuss some of the features which will be available.

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