What's up with Skyhop?

The way you got here was via the homepage which has two buttons;

  1. The first one will take you straight to the digital flight log using which you can organize your flight logs.
  2. The second one allows you to check out the public flight records. In case you need to look up some flight info you’re not sure about.

Our marketing story

We’d love to have you as an user, though we’d be more happy if we could legitimately help to make your life less complicated. We are trying to do so by automatically collecting flight records which you can easily add to your own logbook. Everything at Skyhop revolves around the concept of simplifying access to flight records, and though we’re only getting started, we can already offer you the basics.

Flight analysis using an automatically collected flight path

The digital logbook as currently available within Skyhop.

One of the perks of a digital flight log is that we’re able to attach a flight track to your logs. We have built tooling with which you can analyse your flight path in detail, which is a great help when debriefing flights. Either by yourself, or with students.

Flight analysis using an automatically collected flight path

Start using Skyhop

The best way to experience what Skyhop has to offer is to start using it! Please try it for a while, and be sure to tell others about it! It’d make us incredibly happy!

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