About Skyhop

Skyhop is a hobby project started by me, Corstian with the goal to simplify the process of collecting flight information from flight loggers. With this information I could more easily analyze my own flights, and enjoy fun moments like this a little longer.

After I was able to collect and analyze this data the goal had shifted to become a fully automatic flight log as to simplify life, and be of value for a broader public.

In September 2019 the Whaally company was started with the goal to launch Skyhop, provide ongoing product maintenance and support, and to build new features to create a more versatile product and provide customers with more added value.

As Skyhop is a brand of Whaally, Whaally is the company offering commercial support such as Service Level Agreements (SLA) and custom integration and development projects. Send an email to hello@whaally.com for more information.