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The digital logbook

No need to manually keep your logbook up-to-date again with our digital logbook which keeps itself up to date!

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Flight analysis

Go above and beyond by comparing flight performance with your peers and learning from each other.

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stay safer

Flight following beta

By identifying risky behaviour before it becomes a problem you may save yourself one day.

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for your convenience

Weak-link finder new

Make a well educated guess about the location of a broken weak-link and save yourselves hours of searching.

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Our journey

Skyhop is a hobby project which turned full time. From our own experiences flying gliders we've set out on a journey to make the time on the ground as easy and fun as possible, not worrying about maintaining proper records. We're trying to define what the logbook of the future looks like, and raise the bar when it comes to quality. Follow us on our journey building it, and stay up to date of the newest features we're building.

Corstian's flight track on the 31th of December, 2019. View in Skyhop.

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Maintain Flight Logs

Never worry about keeping track of your flights again! We'll keep your logbook up-to-date in real-time.

Improve Continuously

We provide tools which help you analyze your flight performance so you can reach new heights the next time you fly.

Go Mobile

Carry your flight records wherever you go, and have instant access to your logs using the app.

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Your data is yours, and we'd be happy to help you use it in your favour.