Introducing ADS-B support shortly

Give your logbook super powers

Do you also dislike maintaining your logbook?
We got something that does that for you, automatically!

  • Have a digital flight log
  • Automatic flight registration
  • Insightful flight analysis

The easiest way to keep track of your flights

We will automatically collect your flight information and add it to your logbook.

Your flight log, greatly improved

Let us help you maintain your logbook. We will keep track of your flight times, and if you like we'll even help you debrief it.

  • The easiest logbook, ever

    Select your aircraft, departure time, and maybe add a comment. We will handle the details such as airfield information and exact flight times.

  • Powerful flight analysis tools

    We'll give you unprecedented insight into your flight performance, including estimates on the amount of lift, turn radius, bank angle, and even an indication of the lift coefficient.

  • (Soon to be) worldwide coverage

    With most of Europe covered, we're working on expanding our coverage all over the world.

Glider flight visualisation in 3D using FLARM data via IGC file on a mobile device

Your legal obligations, easily implemented.

Whether you are looking to maintain your personal logbook, or want to maintain the logs for your complete fleet or flight school; we can help you.

  • Built for compliance

    Whether you're looking to deal with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws, or dealing with EASA DTO (Declared Training Organization) compliance, we are here to help you.

  • Extensive reporting features

    Configure a wide range of reports to be automatically delivered to your mailbox, whenever you want them to.

  • Stay in the loop

    Stay up to date with easy access to all relevant information. Delegate access for specific roles such as the safety manager, head of training or instructors.

An screenshot of the digital flight log offered by Skyhop

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